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Water is the most important constituent in the human body since we are more than half composed of water. The obvious fact is that the quality of our health depends on the quality of the water used.

HM Digital company, founded in 1987, is the leading manufacturer of liquid testing equipment, is constantly working on the improvement and production of top-quality products for use in various fields, such as food service, aquaculture, agriculture, hydroponics, and many others, where water quality requirements are significantly higher for compliance with norms and standards.

HM Digital offers a wide selection of laboratory devices intended for industrial and home use, such as refractometers (wine, beer, salt, sugar), LeakBlock Sensor ph-meters, monitors, calibration solutions, buffers, storage solutions, and other water meters, as well as accessories for equipment and filters.

HM Digital devices are highly accurate, reliable, durable, and reasonably priced. All products are certified. 

The water quality is especially important as it is a guarantee of environmental friendliness and safety. 

HM Digital - Your first step to perfect water.

HM Digital
HM Digital
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