Microscopes provide various magnification levels that allow observing objects and samples more closely.

A Fluorescence Microscope is most commonly used to image certain features of small specimens such as microbes. The device can also be used to enhance 3D features at small scales. It can be accomplished by attaching fluorescence tags to antibodies that in turn attach to targeted features or by staining in a less specific manner.

Widefield Microscopes are perfect for producing 2D images of specimens as the entire field can be captured at once. These microscopes allow specific fluorescent molecules to be seen with fast temporal resolution.

Trinocular Microscopes are high-level devices designed for observing cultured living cells in institutes, labs, etc. for research and medical applications. These microscopes come with 2 eyepieces and a third eye tube for a better viewing experience.

Magnifiers are the simplest form of a standard microscope and are most commonly used in laboratories.

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