With over five decades of experience, Elo is now recognized as an innovative designer and manufacturer of high-quality touchscreen devices for hospital applications. From patient check-in and nursing stations to medical devices, carts and telemedicine equipment like self-services and clinical communication, streamline healthcare management and improve patient care is now faster, better, and more reliably with Elo's versatile solutions. Prime Lab Med offers a selection of unmatched medical-grade monitors from Elo.

What are the benefits of using Elo touchscreen products?

  • Patients become more involved in the recovery process as they can be more aware of their treatment and the state of things, including self-checking temperature, adding insurance information, payment, and such.
  • Reduced waiting time increases patient satisfaction.
  • This is a great solution for increasing efficiency. Everything is compact and close at hand, without time-consuming paperwork.
  • It will definitely reduce the cost of patient care.

Elo touchscreens are easy-to-use, responsive, with an intuitive interface. Utilize them over and over again on a 24/7 basis. There are various touchscreen technologies and configurations so you can find the right solution for your specific application. The Company strives to develop innovative and progressive technology so that it can provide you with intelligent and straightforward solutions. 

The company’s goal is to help you do your job better.

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