Since its inception in 2007, MDPro has maintained its commitment to excellence in everything. High product quality and reasonable prices make MDPro solutions popular among numerous customers around the globe, including individual practitioners as well as large hospitals.

In light of the current economic climate and the evolving healthcare landscape, MDPro understands the demand for affordable and quality diagnostic equipment.

On our website, choose from bladder scanners. Pay attention to the MDPro MD5 Ultrasound Bladder Scanner, it precisely measures bladder volume & PVR in seconds. This device is great for urology departments, rehab facilities, hospitals, etc.

The Soloscan P50 Ultrasound Scanner is a combination of innovation and versatility. It features built-in WiFi & USB connection for external display operation with PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

There are also state-of-the-art MDPro spirometers that are user-friendly. The MIR Spirobank II Advanced is a complete Spirometer with an Oximetry option, perfect for pulmonologists and respiratory therapists. Real-time tests are available on your computer (via Bluetooth & USB). The Minispir Light is designed for medical products that are software-based. The device offers real-time COPD and asthma screening and is intended for occupational, sports, and pediatric medicine. In addition, choose from MDPro video laryngoscopes, capnograph and oximeter devices, etc.

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