The company was founded in 1989 to develop Medical Diagnostic and Administrative products that integrate into any PC. The company ensures high-quality for patients and medical practice. Their improved equipment system makes medical tests more convenient for doctors and patients. They care about the health of each patient that is why they produce clinically useful innovative equipment. 

With Cardio Stress equipment any PC will be an all-in-one cardiology system. All the systems involve a fully interpretive 12 lead diagnostic Stress ECG, measurements, serial historical comparisons, comprehensive patient charting and databases. Their system is EMR ( electronic medical record) compatible with an unlimited database.  

A compact, extensive and feature-rich Cardio Holter system is fully interpretive with pacemaker detection. The 3 chanell display involves reliable and accurate reporting. 

Cardio Resting equipment is the first full featured 12 lead PC cardiology system. This system has the ability to provide USB and Bluetooth testing from the same device. 

Innovative equipment is the future of medical care. Nasiff Associates maintains high-quality control for the leading patient care.

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