SCHILLER started in a small flat as a one-man business. Now, it is a successful group with 30 subsidiaries. Being committed to innovation, the company’s experts have been working hard to provide customers with reliable and state-of-the-art solutions. For example, when the market was full of heavy emergency devices that were not so easy to use, SCHILLER launched a convenient emergency electrocardioscope that was 10X lighter. As the company grew, medilog became part of the SCHILLER Group. In 2014, the alliance with GANSHORN happened. It allowed SCHILLER to expand its horizons.

At Prime Lab Med, you can find and buy Schiller ECG machines (including Cardiovit devices), touchscreen patient monitors, calibration syringes, disposable mouthpieces, the list goes on! The products are designed to meet customers’ needs. Shop with us and find the right solution for your specific application! Use reliable equipment!

SCHILLER - The Art of Diagnostics

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