VELP Scientifica Specials!

VELP Scientifica Specials!

Expires on March 30, 2024

Get a 5% Discount On Your Purchase of Selected VELP Scientifica Products of $300 or more!

VELP Scientifica offers leading-edge laboratory equipment.

On our website, the list of promotional VELP Scientifica items includes thermoreactors, flocculators, overhead stirrers, magnetic stirrers, vortex mixers, heating plates, bowls, safety covers for bowls, etc.

VPS-5 Click to copy!

To get a 5% discount on your purchase of selected VELP Scientifica products of $300+, apply the VPS-5 coupon code.

*This Special Offer is valid: 09/21/2023 - 03/30/2024.

**This Special Offer is not valid with any other offer, promotion, or promo code.

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