How To Use Bottox Decapper

How To Use Bottox Decapper

Decapper Pliers are applied for safely removing the crimped seal or cap from vials and bottles fast and effortlessly. Caps are removed in one particular controlled motion. The stainless steel construction of the decapper pliers allows for repeated exposure to chemical and autoclave sterilization without damage. Cushioned grips are latex-free and removable for convenient operation.

How To Adapt Decapper Pliers?

It is significant to choose the correct size of the decapper pliers to provide a proper opening of the cap or crimped seal.

The 11 mm decapper pliers should operate by closing the jaws around the neck of the vial and stripping the cap off. The glass vial should be tough enough for the operation of the 11 mm decapper pliers to reject the force applied by the tool. If the quality of glass is inferior or soft or if the vial is reused, its lip may break while decapping. To apply the 11 mm decapper be sure that the stroke is long enough to remove the cap.

The 20 mm decapper pliers operate by pinching the cap’s sides with the use of the decapper jaws and pushing them out of the glass. The device pulls the cap off and then its force provides the rest of the operation. To apply the 20 mm decapper pliers, be sure that the stroke is long enough to remove the cap.

How To Open A Vial Of Botox With Decapper Pliers?

The decapper pliers should be applied for vials, caps, and seals. For adjusting the position for the stroke of the tool, you may turn the knob on top of the tool. The adjustment of the pliers is effective for high operation. The adjustments relate to the amount of compression of the cap and are very accurate. 

To remove the aluminum seal on glass vials you will need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1:

Put the vial squarely into decapper pliers’ jaws.

Put the vial squarely into decapper pliers' jaws.

Step 2:

Press firmly.

Press firmly

Step 3:

Hold the vial upright, and tip the decapper pliers to remove the aluminum seal.

Hold the vial upright.

Why Should You Use Decapper Pliers?

The Decapper pliers are a significant tool in the vial sealing operation. The decapper is used in laboratories for injections or samples, and most commonly these pliers are applied for the botox procedure. The top part of the injection or sample bottle has an opening that may stretch open which is why it is wide to fit over the vial, and then close tightly around it. The bottom part of the sample bottle has a plunger that inserts against the top piece when you press on it. This helps to force the air out of the vial when pressing on it, making a block between the vial rubber and glass neck thus avoiding any liquid from coming out.

The decapper pliers should be applied as a vise grip, turning until you see the cap come off the vial. It ensures no air enters while transporting the medical samples or injections. That is why make sure that the medical sample of injection is transported and stored properly.

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