Backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team, Advantech enables the planet with smart IoT hardware solutions. The USA, Europe, Australia, and the South Asia Pacific region are well-familiar with the quality of the company. Advantech sees and wants to make our planet developed and comfortable for everyone.

Advantech's telehealth solution is designed to connect hospitals, healthcare facilities, and community clinics to:

  • integrate healthcare resources;
  • create a zero-distance care network that can respond to remote patients in real-time;
  • reduce the workload in hospitals;
  • manage patient records simply and conveniently;
  • but also enhance the ability to deliver quality health care.

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The company continues to generate new ideas to create a better world with the Internet of Things. Advantech puts the fragments of connectivity, information processing, technology standardization, and different industry sectors’ complexity together and creates the best software and hardware products of data-driven applications.

Advantech boasts strong engineering capabilities, rich industry experience, complete technical support, and reasonable pricing, which together create the value of Advantech products.

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