SHOWA was incepted in 1954 by Akio Tanaka, a person who created the world’s first PVC glove. Now, SHOWA is a global company that protects people's hands with innovative products. The meaning of the Japanese word “Showa” is “finding a balance between elements”. This principle is forever at the very SHOWA's heart. Such an approach helps to maintain a reliable and complete controlling process of the design and production of safety gloves.

Never imitating anything is the origin of Showa gloves manufacturing. The experts and technologists create innovative products using their deep knowledge and experience. Today, the company has further developed unique and advanced technologies of protective gloves for safe work in various fields including laboratories, clinics, and such.

  • The double latex coating technology allows the glove to be both breathable and liquid resistant.
  • SHOWA’s gloves with EBT, short for Eco Best Technology, are produced for accelerated biodegradation in biologically active landfills. 
  • TEMRES (japan. Te "hand" and Mureau “no humidity”) technology consists of two membranes: breathable and waterproof and also has an anti-slip function as well as a lightweight design that makes it easy to don and doff the glove.

At Prime Lab Med, you can easily find and choose from biodegradable gloves, viton over butyl gloves, and chemical protection gloves that are irreplaceable in the pharmaceutical sector, cleaning, and such environments where hands are exposed to chemicals.

SHOWA inspects products with high accuracy, following international standards. The company continues to develop new products and protect users’ hands.