Cybernet, established in 1996, is globally recognized as a number one in developing and manufacturing comprehensive medical computing technology. The company is focused on providing high-performance, compact computing solutions tailored to all unique environments and computing needs. Thus, the company consistently provides the highest quality, reliability, and personalized support in the universal computing business.

Prime Lab Med is always ready to help when you need reliable and quality medical-grade PCs and tablets. Here you can easily choose the Cybernet products to suit your needs:

Besides medical solutions, Cybernet offers a wide range of business & industrial computers (find at Prime Buy). For over 20 years, Cybernet computers have met, or even exceeded, medical and industrial certifications, making the company trusted in business computing.

Upgraded computer systems in hospitals and clinics help significantly reduce the spread of infections, ensuring the safety of both doctors and patients. Patient registration and patient rounds have also become more convenient and secure. 

Cybernet provides environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and easy-to-install hospital computers, helping to save energy and lower the cost of ownership. For example, with the iOne M12, an already proven PoE computer, it is easy to use less power. With the evolvement of new technologies and computer components, Cybernet continues to develop innovative and progressive products to provide its customers with intelligent and straightforward solutions.

Cybernet is known as the only Original Design Manufacturer to offer fully customizable all-in-one computers. It is a deservedly respected name among many customers across the globe.

Find the right product for you and order it at Prime Lab Med!

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