For decades, Landau has been offering best-in-class apparel for medical professionals. The company earned a distinguished reputation for its unmatched craftsmanship, innovative design, and enduring product quality.

Landau provides medical professionals with long-lasting and at the same time stylish products to support them not only during every shift but throughout every stage of their careers. Landau uniform is chosen by numerous customers worldwide.

Landau medical scrubs are durable and made with the customer in mind. They are convenient to use. Landau scrubs are made using high-quality materials.

Choose from a wide range of Landau scrub bottoms / Landau scrub pants, Landau scrub tops, and scrub jackets. Landau ScrubZone scrubs endure heavy use as well as frequent washing. Perfect for various professional environments. Landau uniform scrubs are available in different sizes and colors. Find the best Landau scrub for you on Prime Lab Med!

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