Majestic Glove is a reliable American designer and manufacturer known for its quality and reliable personal protective gear. It is the best and most dependable solution for any rough conditions.

Why choose Majestic products?

Firstly, the company has managed to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies and materials. Protective clothing and equipment are suitable for even the harshest working conditions.

Secondly, Majestic products exceed customers’ expectations with their performance. The company is dedicated to the manufacturing of strong, revolutionary, and durable safety gear, offering reliable safety gloves and waterproof clothing.

Thirdly, the company is a member of ISEA (the International Protective Equipment Association) and an ANSI accredited standards developing organization, working directly with industry leaders in high visibility and hand protection standards.

Majestic strives to ensure that everyone can be provided with top-quality PPE. The latest technological advances, optimal comfort in every movement due to innovative materials and thoughtful design can be yours at any time. Choose and order Majestic Glove solutions at Prime Lab Med today!