The company is very experienced in diagnostic products and accessories. 

In 1976 Dennis and Patricia Newman created Imex Medical Systems with the introduction of the Pocket-Dop Doppler. Over 20 years, Imex became the leading domestic Doppler manufacturer. After that, their son Spencer Newman founded Newman Medical with the same intention to provide innovative products.

The company manufactures DigiDop Obstetric Doppler with modern features that provide a great value for the diagnostic needs. 

The DD-300 is an audio only OB Doppler. The powerful processor in the DigiDop utilizes Digital Signal Clarity to eliminate background noise and amplify a strong clear signal.

DD-700 provides a large, sharp, bright display of the heart rate. The auto-digital processor performs a true auto-correlation calculation for fast and accurate heart rate. 

Dopplers have the sensitivity and audi response to provide you to hear the fetal heart tones quickly and clearly. All DigiDop obstetrical probes provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. 

ABI-Q System is a diagnostic tool that has been used in vascular diagnosis for decades. Each ABI-Q comes with PVR hardware which quickly and easily produces vascular waveforms. The system also comes with a complete set of specialized vascular cuffs. Powerful ABI software is an integrated part of the system that is loaded on the computer,thus saving your time with automatic index calculations and stores each exam with a time stamp.

Newman Medical’s goal is to provide world class devices with honesty and integrity. 

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