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Rocker Scientific offers high-quality vacuum filtration solutions.

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Rocker Scientific

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Rocker Scientific has over 10 years of expertise and knows exactly what its customer needs. The company’s vacuum filtration products are trusted by numerous professionals the world over.

The company’s core values include passion, innovation, integrity, and insight. Rocker Scientific is committed to quality, striving to offer the best solutions that meet and exceed customers’ needs.

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A combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative design makes the Rocker series vacuum pumps low vibration, portable, and safe to use. In addition, they are maintenance-free.

The Lafil series suction systems combine the vacuum source with the suction kit. With these devices, you can save some space as they are pretty compact. On top of that, they have a fence-like platform design.

The company’s multi-branch manifolds are user-friendly. There are models that allow you to remove each component by hand, which is very convenient.

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