SAS Safety Corp. like no one else knows how important the safety of human life is. This knowledge and understanding have driven SAS Safety for over 40 years to design and manufacture premium solutions that help prevent various injuries and protect from chemical exposures in the workplace or provide in-time first aid.

A multifunctional portfolio of safety products is designed for all kinds of professionals in the automotive, agriculture markets, as well as industrial, laboratory workers, or security managers. SAS Safety strives day after day to protect the most precious thing - human life.

SAS Safety Corp. is certified by the international standard ISO 9001, which directly gives you a guarantee of reliability. Furthermore, the company’s respiratory equipment is certified by NIOSH.

Keeping safe your employees, production workers, profitability and productivity will be increased. SAS Safety products include absorbent pads & rolls, emergency eyewash & safety showers, first aid kits, information centers, disposable gloves, and other personal protective equipment.

Keep your employees safe with professional SAS Safety products. Order at Prime Lab Med today!