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SDI Diagnostics is a leader when it comes to spirometers.

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With over four decades of expertise, SDI Diagnostics offers a wide range of top-quality spirometers and accessories. These are state-of-the-art devices that are easy to use and maintain. All products are built to last, being made of durable materials. 

SDI Diagnostics places its customers first and strives to provide them with the best products. The company offers quality and cost-effective solutions that are designed to meet your needs and comply with today’s standards. 

At Prime Lab Med, you can find and buy spirometers, filters, mouthpieces, and more. During a Pulmonary Function Test, various bacteria and viruses can be expelled, posing a serious risk to both patients and health care workers. With a cross-contamination efficiency of 99.999%, PulmoGuard filters are safe (please read the information about the model you are going to use). In addition, they are compact and can be used with various spirometers. Find the right product for your specific application at Prime Lab Med!

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