A condenser is a piece of lab equipment designed for condensing vapors by colling them down. 

A heating bath is a device that has a large heat capacity, so when it is in thermal contact with some other system, its temperature remains constant. The heat bath is essentially an infinite reservoir of energy and accessible quantum states at a given temperature.

Hotplates are flat devices with heating elements, but they don’t produce an open flame and are well suited for oil or sand bath use. They pass electricity through a heating element covered by a ceramic top. Hotplate surfaces can reach temperatures up to 644°F (340°C), which is not enough to ignite many low-boiling solvents. 

A lab oven uses a combination of drying and baking processes, curing substances in order to harden their chemical composition. It heats the material by using the convection method. The material should be placed in a separate chamber rather than the main chamber. It allows you to prevent altering the material but the heat is strong enough to dry or cure it.

A lab incubator is used to heat a biological sample, setting a temperature to optimize the growth of the sample. It provides a controlled, contaminant-free environment for safe, reliable work with cell and tissue cultures by controlling conditions such as temperature, humidity, and CO2.  

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