Pumps are used to transport fluids, or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action, generally converted from electrical energy into hydraulic energy.

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Pumps are very useful devices that can serve a wide variety of research needs in laboratories. Each type of pump provides different results. For instance, vacuum pumps are used to create a vacuum within a closed container. That is why it is important to understand what type of pump to use to achieve the best work performance.

A vacuum pump is used for various tasks in labs: 

  • To regulate solvent evaporation by reducing vapor pressure;
  • To improve instrument-detection sensitivity by evaluating air molecules that might obscure or contaminate samples;
  • To provide a negative pressure environment to prevent the escape of potentially hazardous sample materials.

A peristaltic pump is used for pumping liquids without contaminating them. This type of pump is based on moving a product through a hose, by compressing and decompressing.

A diaphragm pump is used to transfer liquids with low, medium, or high viscosities and also liquids with a large solid content. Vacuum pumps can also handle acids because they can be made of various materials. 

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