A Scaler is used to tackle oral issues such as plaque build-up, periodontal disease, and other forms of build-up that cannot be removed with a probe. A scaler provides a deeper cleaning than a dental brush.

A Dental Drill helps to remove tooth decay. The drill includes a mechanism for spraying a water stream while cutting into your teeth, which allows you to keep the tool from being too hot.

Extraction Dental Forceps are the most common instruments used to extract teeth. Intra-alveolar extraction is provided by using elevators and extraction forceps. They are tools that help to remove teeth from the alveolar bone socket.

Suture Scissors are used for suture removal. These scissors include a small hook on one tip that slides under the suture before cutting and removing it. This hook also holds the suture, to prevent slippage during cutting. 

High-quality Dental Supplies help dentists to treat their patients effectively, reducing the treatment time and increasing the client base.