Rocker Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Rocker Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Filtration is a process in which solid particles are removed from a liquid or gaseous fluid using a filter medium that allows the liquid to pass through while retaining the solid particles. The driving force of filtration is the pressure difference on both sides of the filtering baffle, which in the simplest case is provided by gravity. Vacuum filtration, often used in laboratory practice, creates a pressure difference using a vacuum pump.

Rocker Scientific is the world-leading brand that offers laboratory vacuum pumps that are a part of a filtration system. The company is fully aware of the customer's needs. Rocker has developed several lines of safe, efficient, and eco-friendly filtration solutions to meet diverse requirements.

Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers use these vacuum pumps to remove air and non-condensables, such as water, from a system. We need to remove them with a vacuum pump because they lead to inefficient operation of the refrigeration system. In addition, they can corrode internal parts.

Rocker Series Vacuum Pumps

The Rocker series includes Oil-Free and PTFE сoated vacuum pumps. They have the following features:

  • The compact design makes them lightweight, space-saving, and easy to carry for flexible operation;
  • The improved mechanism technique, airflow design, and rubber feet make the Rocker series pumps quiet and low vibration;
  • The filter cartridge absorbs particles and moisture, extending the pump's life;

Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

Oil-Free Vacuum Pump

The Rocker and Lafil series are two models of piston-powered dry pumps. Prote™ overfill protection, a distinguishing part of a system, is the best defender to prevent overflow damage of vacuum pumps. Their features are noiselessness, low vibration, compactness, cleanliness, and absence of necessity for maintenance. These are possible due to innovative electronic, mechanical technology, and human design concepts. The pumps are often used in vacuum filtration and vacuum drying/oven/defoaming, suspended solids testing, microbiological testing, and air sampling.

PTFE-Coated Vacuum Pumps

PTFE-Coated Vacuum Pump

The PTFE-coated vacuum pumps are diaphragm-driven. It eliminates the need for lubrication and regular oil changes and allows for maintenance with no oil pollution. The PTFE-coated diaphragm chamber of the vacuum pump can provide good resistance to a wide range of corrosive gases except for strong acids and alkalis. Their applications include solvent purification, gel drying, vacuum desiccating, and vacuum filtration.

Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pumps

Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump

The Chemker series vacuum pumps are chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps.

  • The PTFE wetted parts ensure the highest resistance to corrosive gases, acids, and vapors.
  • The high-quality vibration-resistant assembly allows the Chemker series products to operate with the lowest noise level of any other similar pumps.

Rocker Scientific has designed the Chemker series to be quiet, safe, maintenance-free, and cost-effective vacuum pumps through innovative mechanical technology and human considerations. The pumps are intended to be used in harsh corrosive chemical environments, like solvent purification, solid-phase extraction (SPE), gel electrophoresis, and vacuum filtration.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The Tanker series vacuum pumps are rotary pumps specifically designed for laboratory large/medium volume and vacuum applications, like vacuum drying, vacuum filtration, centrifugal concentrators, and such. These pumps are driven by a rotary vane. With high flow rates, the vacuum can reach over 0.1 Torr. Advanced mechanical technology and human design concepts of the Tanker series pumps provide quiet, low vibration, and long-lasting performance. Besides, a special construction helps avoid oil mist spraying and reduces air pollution.

A thermal protection device is built in every vacuum pump. It automatically shuts off the pump when overheated and resumes after cooling down the temperature.

The majority of products are CE/CSA/RoHS certified with IP 30 protection. Through continuous research and development, Rocker Scientific has obtained numerous patents in various countries.

Rocker created for you new ways to solve everyday challenges at work. Food, water, microorganism testing, molecular biology laboratory, and purification are common fields where the company's vacuum filtration solutions are applied.

Rocker Scientific vacuum pumps will satisfy all your needs!

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