MISCO is a well-known professional manufacturer of refractometers, as for over 6 decades the company has specialized exclusively in the development of high-quality refractometers.

The company has a strict quality policy. The MISCO team consists of expert engineers who develop accurate and reliable refractometers. The needs of customers are always taken into account by the company in further updates. MISCO always strives to exceed the expectations of its clients in terms of quality and services provided at all levels.

MISCO's strategy is surprising in its simplicity:

  • An experienced team is committed to developing easy-to-use and lightweight refractometers that are affordable to the general public.
  • MISCO introduces sophisticated liquid measurement systems in a simple, innovative instrument.

MISCO refractometers are applicable in an incredibly wide range of applications: antifreeze & heat transfer, chemical testing, dairy, salinity, food & beverage, etc. The versatility and performance of the company's solutions lower the total cost of ownership and increase productivity.


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